Dara Dealy

Dedicated to giving clients professional service and honest advice since 2013, Dara enables her clients to make sound financial decisions in the sale and purchase of property. She is straightforward and to the point, but she knows her natural strengths are highlighted in opportunities to serve others.

“I really enjoy helping others understand their options and what is best suited for them.”


Getting the Work Done

The mark of a real estate agent’s true success is ensuring that each deal progresses smoothly and that bumps in the road are kept to a minimum. All too often a deal can fall apart because of the inadequacies of the agent. Dara is a fierce negotiator, is proactive, not reactive, and her ability to foresee, and address issues, even before they arise, then research and identify solutions are proven skills. She makes sure her clients are represented at the highest level.

When the Work is Done

You can find Dara with her family and friends exploring the beauty of South Texas and its culture. The Texas Hill Country music scene is not to be missed, along with secret foodie spots and travel to her favorite Mexican beaches are only a few of the things she’ll be happy to share with you.